Monday, January 9, 2017

Power of Ordinances

Well folks, it was a great week. Honestly the weeks are all mashing together and I think I can blame having a fun time in the service of God. 
This week we had the Baptism of two girls named Jasmine and Aurora. It was awesome. everything went great and we have two wonderful new members of the Church. Before Aurora's baptism she was getting really nervous because she hates going all the way under water. She was so scared, like literally shaking when she walked into the font. But as soon as she came up she was smiling and laughing and the happiest person alive. It was the cutest thing ever. Jasmine walked right in got baptized and walked right out. It was kinda funny. The next day we confirmed both of them, and they were as happy as clams.
I really have gained a strong testimony of the power of the Ordinances. I can testify that if you truly want to feel God's Power manifest, attend a baptism or simply partake of the Sacrament. If you truly focus on the spirit and strive to have a spiritual experience I can promise that you will have one. The change in me is insane. I recognize now that Sundays are my favorite days simply because I get to partake of that ordnance and remember Him. 
I'm here and I'm happy.
ps. sorry its short.... i have tiredoftyping-itus. 
but i sent pictures 😀

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