Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 1 in the mission field - Aug 22nd

Hey fam (and friends)! First week in the field has been absolutely amazing. I feel like I've already learned so much. My Trainer is Elder Thomson, and to my surprise he is an absolute stud. He's very goofy- but who isn’t? He is a nerd and he's proud of it, and he's from Herriman Utah. He is teaching me by getting out and doing the work and its been going great. Its hot but good, and I want it to rain but it just wont for some reason. 
Missouri is absolutely beautiful. The craziest part about it is my first area, Frontenac, is one of the richest parts of my mission and it is massive. The mission home is in my area, and the temple, and all that fun stuff. The Batemans are actually in the ward we go to. We go mansion knocking and it is the weirdest thing cause most of the people in the huge houses are not kind. BUT we go knock doors every day. Right now our investigators are down to one and he just invites us over to sorta bash with him. HOLY COW there are so many religions here. I never thought that people would use the bible to push us out, I just keep saying, " WE ALSO READ OUT OF THE BIBLE." hahaha no one will talk with us so I'm starting to get a little bit more creative. I tried complimenting people when they open the door, I've tried switching up what people usually say and I'm getting to the point where I'm gonna start singing a song when they open the door just to get their attention. It gets a little bit frustrating but I know we are doing the Lords work so I don't let it get me down. Plus its kinda fun. 
We've taught like 4 or 5 lessons and two of them were old people that let us in just cause they liked us. haha but I am Learning a lot. It was weird for me at first to talk to people but now its easier.

OH YEAH, we get fed. The members here are super cool and they are keepin me alive. I miss my mommas cookin and my dads eggs but I've been cookin a few things here and there. (ramen and toast) hehe but we've had dinner 2 times and I've been here less than a week. It’s awesome. The microwave is full of mold, and it grossed me out so now I make all my food on the stove top… so I count it as a blessing. hehe I’m eating lots of fruit and avocados in honor of Millie.

Okay my companion is a really good kid. He is trying his best to show me the ropes. He is always encouraging me to do better and I'm learning to take criticism. He loves to talk about some card game called ‘magic" so we get a long very well. Elder Thomson obeys the rules and wants to find people to help. He sometimes gets heated during lessons if someone doesn't understand. He knows the doctrine very well and mostly teaches the lessons exactly -so we differ at that point. 

I really am doing okay, I’m happy and optimistic. The people are kinda set in their ways and sometimes angry but some are super nice so I guess the people are great. haha 

Life is good, and I hope you know I'm praying for all y'all back in Utah and the rest of the peeps in the rest of the world. The spirit is the thing that converts and as I've been here I've seen it convert me more and more. Keep reading, Keep praying, keep going to church, doing good, and keep finding new knowledge, I know I have. 

This is Elder Brian calling all auto-bots we are here and we are waiting.

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