Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 2 in the mission field 8/29/2016

Hey, hows it goin'?

This past week I went on exchanges with Elder Peterson, and I got to go to Pagedale. This place is literately the ghetto. We talked to so many people and almost all of them believed in Jesus, which was awesome. We were walking down the street and I walked up to this guy and asked him if i could share with him a message about Jesus, and he was like, "yoooo- heck yeah, brother."  Then he proceeded to tell us that he is in the gang Crips and that if we ever need any help to do this weird call thing then tell the people that show up that "Richie" told us. Elder Peterson didn't realize we were talking to a full blown gangster and he started laughing and I was like, "we are just gonna leave ya with a card." hahaha as we were talkin, another guy walked up and said, "you got any money?" In my mind i was thinking holy cow its happening... I'm about to get robbed, then my comp. said, "probably as much as you do" and I thought we were done for. Then Richie said "Hey man, these boys work for Jesus." the man that asked for money then shook our hands and walked away. The name tag I am wearing saved my life, I swear. hahahahaha
We walk a little further and decide we have to get on a bus. We sit down at the bus stop and this older looking guy walks up and is like, "Sup."  So, we naturally start talking with him. It doesn't take long to find out that this guy had just got out of prison the day before for homicide, and he was on his way to his momma's house! He showed me all of the 19 bullet holes on his body and a whole bunch of stab wounds, and I was thinking, "holy freaking cow, I am going to die today." Turns out this guy was from the Bloods, a different gang, and this guy was one of the leaders in the area. I asked him if he was going to change and be a better person now that he's out of prison, and he was like, "yeah, I gotta change- but I still have some stuff I gotta finnish up. You know - pow pow." then he started laughing and said, "Jesus Forgive me," and told me he was kidding. He wasn't,I'm pretty sure. He told me he always believes in Jesus and tries to give back to the streets like Jesus would.

IT was an awesome experience in the Ghetto, and i hope i get to serve there some time. hahaha Everyone there has so much faith in God and Jesus they just dont act like it. 

Now im back in Frontenac and we are back to people telling us they dont need God or Jesus. Nothing gets me more mad than when people tell me that, but I try to be kind. haha Im eatin well and having fun. Its been a month since i left home and i cant believe time goes by that fast. I love you all and miss you.

Love Elder Brian
my MTC companion, Elder Martin

My Trainer, Elder Thomson


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