Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week #1 MTC

JULY 28th Hey momma, I am here, and i am happy. I was just assigned as a District Leader so that's pretty cool. I only have two minutes to write, but i love ya and I'm where i need to be. ill write later. love you.

AUG. 2nd  UM yeah... so this first week I thought would be a blast, but some of the saddest things have happened. I'll start from the beginning. My companion is  Elder Martin, a kid from Arizona . He is really kind and nice and all but he is waaay too smart for his own good. He has a hard time talking to new people and he is the senior so I have to let him do some of the talking. Anyway, I got my badge and went into the classroom and watched all the other people come in. I thought, " oh yeah this is so good." There is a kid from Viewmont Elder Ashton and then Elder Humphreys came in and it was a breath of fresh air. I loved it. So i get assigned Elder Martin and I was like, "okay lets do this." I am good friends with him now but it still is hard to connect. I'm learning how to be kind - always. haha So we go the first few days and they last a week each. It felt sooo long. But I go to class and I learn a lot every time. I got to sit with Elder Blackham and his comp. until the dreadful day. I was doing so well smiling so much and talking with everyone. But then I didn't see Elder Blackham anymore, I found out that he has cancer the Hodgkin Lymphoma type and I lost it. I couldn't just be happy anymore. On day three in the MTC Elder Humphreys and I had a moment. We lost Elder Blackham and Elder Wincle went home just before him. At like 10:50 i knocked on Elder Humphreys door and he opened it with tears in his eyes and I was already crying. We went outside and had the most spiritual experience. We prayed harder then ever before. The next day i found out that Elder Kamalu is having a hard time because his dog died that day. IT FELT LIKE I WAS BEING HUNTED BY SATAN. he was coming after me, and I knew it. Without Tyler, I would have struggled so much but he and Christan have saved me. I also have charge over my district as you know. This is HARD. We already had one elder want to go home and I fasted for him and prayed hard and God is listening because I can for sure see a change in him. I am trying to do good. I am keepin my smile on and its savin my butt. We taught two people and I've done most of the talking. I want more time to study the scriptures and more time to talk to people and i have very little time to do both. haha I know that this is where i need to be and is where the Lord wants me to be but man its hard to be here. I am counting down the days until i get to get out there and do some real hard work. Keep Elder Blackham in your prayers in fact keep all my buddies in your prayers. they need it right now bad. I've come to realize how much I cherish prayer. I haven't spent as much time on my knees anywhere else in my life.

Alright here is the Optimism, this place is full of the spirit. I feel it in every lesson. I am becoming a true missionary here and i love it. I am learning my purpose and I am coming closer to Christ. I am suppose to be here and i know it. Nothing can drag me home. Im here for the people of the St. Louis Mission to show them the pathway to happiness. I cannot give up, i have no desire to give up. Its hard but like i said in my farewell talk -all hard things are worth it. Thanks so much for everything. There is good even where it seems bad. Look up and realize the joy.

LOVE ya lots,
Friends/missionaries - so glad to have each other

MTC District

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