Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New companion - Co-Seniors

Well hello there. Let me tell you a few things about this week. hahaha

Well, i got a new companion. His name is Elder Richins. He is from idaho, and he is a crazy optimist! (i cant tell yet if that is good or bad) haha Elder Richins has been out for one transfer longer then me and we are going to kill it here in the richest part of the mish. He is one smart cookie. He is going to be a joy to be around. My only complaint is he listens to talks and things alllll the time. It's awesome - I’ll learn a lot. hahaha  He came from a poorish area of the mission so its been kinda a shock for him.

This week was a whole lot of fun. At transfers i got to see Elder Humpherys, and Elder Marlor and it made me soooo happy. I will send the pic. hahaha I met my new comp and we went to an appointment that fell through. (i hate that) haha but then we went and unpacked and i got to know him a little. 

To be honest we dont really have too many investigators but we did get to go to another hospital.  A man named Scott was in the hospital for who knows what, but we stopped by because some sisters from a different area told us about him. When we talked for a little it was clear he was looking for some sort of relief from the pains of the world. We gave him a Book of Mormon and let him know that he was a son of God and that he is loved and being watched over. He looked at us like we were crazy, but something weird has happened to me where i just disregard the look of 'what the freak' and i just continue to explain and try to help people understand. I asked him if we could say a prayer with him because he was going in for surgery the next day and he said yes that would be wonderful. I said a very simple prayer and left the room letting him know that he could call us any time. The lesson i took from that is how simple the gospel can be, and how the spirit can simply testify of the truth in peoples hearts. 

It got cold and i think i might be getting sick because i dont have my mom to tell me to wear a jacket. hahaha but thats okay because i bought those vitamins that taste like fruit snacks. I figure that should combat the illness. 

I love life. I should write more details, but its weird because when i start my emails, it takes everything in me to keep writing stuff. Sorry. hahaha 

Shout out to Collin and Ben, Happy birthday bros!

Disclamer to my family, I AM BEING SAFE DONT WORRY! hahaha I am in the safest place i could possibly be right now. 

Love you all 

Elder Brian
 I got to see Elder Humpherys!
My new companion, Elder Richins 

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