Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

What up,

Let me tell you, I am getting fat. I swear I exercise every morning and even buy salad at the store but I am always getting fatter no matter what. So that is great news.

This past week was actually absolutely amazing. My new companion and myself have just decided to 'faith it up' out here. It's been kinda hard to “find,” and knocking doors for hours isn't very fun or effective, but we finally were able to have a meeting with the bishop that saved our keesters. hahaha Our bishop told us that he doesn't want us tracting as much (still do a little, to show the Lord you are willing to do the hard stuff...) because he said that in the area we are in -the mansions- the people don't really want to listen. So we've been going hard visiting all the members we can and having the faith that we will be able to find someone to teach. The weirdest thing happens when you apply faith... it works.

Last night, we were asked (by a member... oh yeah) to come with him to a part member family's home for a home teaching visit. We showed up and walked in and there was a young boy - about 10 years old. His father is a member and he wanted us to answer his sons questions. He came and sat down and we decided to teach the first discussion. As we are going  along, the little 10 year old keeps asking questions and just couldnt understand a lot of what Elder Richins was saying because they were kinda big words... Then the boys father looked at us and said, "see if you can relate something to him... like video games or something." So i started teaching the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him in the terms of Minecraft. (mom, i cannot believe that the time i spent on that stupid game paid off) By the end of the lesson he had a pretty basic understanding of how Jesus gave Joseph Smith direction to Restore all the “blocks" of the church back on top of each other and make it perfect again. Just like how Jesus had originally made it. Then the little boy said, "so i wanna be dipped in water so i can be a member of the church. Can we do that?"   My mind took a second to switch from minecraft to baptism... but once i realized what he said i almost started laughing out loud. His home teacher was shocked. hahah we are planning on meeting with him a lot more frequently now.

I know that the Lords hand is in every aspect of my life out here. The church is true, the book is blue, and the gospel will go to all.

Love you all tons!
Elder Brian

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