Monday, November 28, 2016

Goes down in history.

This week was a week that I will never ever forget.
> First off, it wasThanksgiving and that was absolutely wonderful. We got to eat at this members home who is amazing. We got there and i guess i wasn't really expecting it but there were about 14 people there and 5 of them were not members of this family. hahaha We had a TON of food to eat. My companion and i made one pie each to take over and when we got there we found out that there were already 5 pies so we had 7 pies and we almost finished all of them.
> We tried to meet back up with the little guy i talked about last week, but his family wants us to move at a very crazy sad slow pace with him so we have appointments set up with him for every two weeks. Its painstakingly slow but it gives me time to set up lessons using some video game analogies that will help him understand better. hahah
> So the reason for the whole "goes down in history" title of this email is because I am now going to go down in the history of this mission - and not in a good way. I will be talked about 10 years from now as the infamous Elder Brian. I am pretty sure I have the fastest time in the mission for crashing a car… yep - I”m not proud of that!  It was a bad one too. It was the rain and the bald tires that caused us to crash but I was behind the wheel so I’m at fault and I get pounded for it. We were making a left hand turn at an intersection and when I pushed the accelerator, the car didn’t move - the tires just spun and an oncoming car hit us going about 40mph. I dont know a lot about whats going on at the office because everyone is being nice to me because it was “traumatic.”  And I don't know for sure, but I think the car may be totaled - it was definitely not drivable. Procedure is I shouldnt be allowed to drive after this, but its up to the mission president and the office sisters tell me he really is hoping my tires were bald so he can call it a car malfunction and let me keep driving. sooo... and the tires were bald - I have been trying for weeks to get the vehicle coordinator to approve new tires but had not received permission. SILVER LINING: I know that the Lord was watching over me and my companion. If our car would have skidded a little more, the passenger side would have been t-boned and destroyed and I don't know how my companion, Elder Richins would have ended up. It was such a blessing that no one got hurt.
> Pretty much the rest of the week was hard cuz, we had no car, and we had to walk places.  Eventually my District leader gave us some bikes - I got his and he is probably 5'6 so I look like I am riding around on a 12 year olds bike right now and its awesome. hahahaha
> I will say it was an eventful week - but I”m grateful.
            >Love,  Elder Brian
My pie:
 Car crash:
 Being fed by Sister Gore and Sister Kroupa - they take good care of us!

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